The Yamato Drummers of Japan are currently bringing their high-energy drumming and entertainment extravaganza to the Peacock Theatre in London.  The performance crew who have been touring for over ten years now are a regular fixture to venues around the world with their shows. 

Yamato is a company steeped in cultural history. The name Yamato refers to the name for ancient Japan during the eighth century. The company was formed by Masaaki Ogawa in 1993 in Japan’s ancient capital, the city of Nara. Nara is now the capital of Taiko drumming and boasts over 100 Taiko drumming companies. Since the company’s first performance at the Shinto shrine festival, they have given over 3,500 performances in 53 countries and regions to 6 million people.  Yamato is based in a village called Asuka and the members of the company live together in a community and create everything for the shows, from the musical compositions to the choreography and from stage and props to the bachi (the drumming sticks).

Along with some breath-taking drumming exploits and smart choreographed routines, humour and getting the audience to engage with the performers is very much part of Yamato live experience. 

After their stint at the Peacock the troupe will be playing venues around the UK till May before visiting other cities around Europe. If you have not seen them perform live it is well worth the effort. A couple of hours at their shows literally whizz by in what is an enjoyable evening of music and fun entertainment.

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