We take a look at the city of Tokyo through the observations and photographs of resident Justin C. who has been living in the city since the late summer of 2007. We love the way Justin has captured the city and hope you do too.

Tsukishima, Tokyo

Image Getting a light | Tsukishima

The Tsukishima area of Tokyo was having a small festival on Sunday when I visited for a photo-walk. I caught these two gentlemen on the relatively uncrowded street stopping to get a light. In the back left of the frame you can see other, more scantily clad, festival goers. People in those kind of clothes are usually involved in carrying the Mikoshi (portable shrine) while these two guys in green are just wearing traditional summer outfits.

Octopus on ice | Tsukiji Market

Image Octopus on ice at  Tsukiji Market

 Kanda River | Tokyo, Japan

 Image  Boats docked along the mouth of the Kanda River. From my walk earlier today from Akihabara to Ryogoku and back.

Sanja Festival

Image Sanja Festival. One of the big 3 festivals that takes place annually in Tokyo.

Tokyo buildings

Going to be getting out of the confined walls of the city for a few days. Hopefully my plane tomorrow evening will be able to sneak out before a typhoon rolls by. If I can leave according to plan I’ll be on a beach in Thailand by early Wednesday morning and taking photos of wide open spaces.

Yoyogi Park | Tokyo, Japan

 Image Yoyogi Park

I took a walk through Yoyogi Park this afternoon. It was my first time to visit in at least a year, probably closer to two. It’s always a fasinating place to visit for the variety of people who are there. Besides this young lady practicing her violin there were a group of young ladies in Santa outfits, a couple of guys dressed up in Santa and his helper costumes jogging, another guy dressed as a school girl also jogging, groups of “normal” joggers, other photographers, people walking their dogs, homeless, families, etc. Really a great place to see slice of the people who live in Tokyo.

Rikugien | Tokyo, Japan

 Image Rikugien gardens

Took a walk through Rikugien gardens this afternoon. The sky remianed gray after the passing of the typhoon yesterday but it was still nice to get outside for a while. I wasn’t expecting much in the way of autumn colors on the trees but there was some color here and there. In a few more weeks it should be stunning.

tokyo pictures

The sign on the door with the rising sun is a New Year’s greeting. Most homes and businesses in the area had one on their front door or window.

Winter storm | Tokyo, Japan

Spent a few minutes out in the snow tonight. Such a heavy snow is quite rare in Tokyo. Probably just once or twice a year so I decided to spend a few minutes out in the stuff with my (hopefully weatherproof) camera. Nothing too dramatic photographically before I was nearly soaked but this scene was typical of the evening.

Words and Images by Justin C. via Flickr

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