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Jamaica photos

Ryan Eccleston, Jamaica, Photographer,

Ryan Eccleston is a Jamaican born photographer/filmmaker. He is an alumnus of the Art Institute of Fort. Lauderdale where he studied digital filmmaking and photography. He spent most of his life traveling and living in several countries including Jamaica, U.S.A., Egypt and Israel. Due to his father’s job working with the United Nations a nomadic childhood allowed him to see and experience different cultures. This bred a curiosity in him which informs the way he approaches the subjects he wants to cover. In 2008 Eccleston moved to Ethiopia and travelled throughout East Africa where he worked for several years as a photographer and consultant. Much of Eccleston’s work deals with the issue of Identity and Legacy.


A Walk Through the Cemetry 

 Jamaica photojournalismThe capital city of Jamaica is often a city that lures many. Whether it’s relocating from the countryside for opportunity or the European reggae fan who wants to walk the same streets that Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and many other reggae titans once walked. Kingston is puzzling as it is captivating, it is a city of contrasts and extremes. Often pulsating with activity it’s a place that one needs time to find their way around. It was once a haven for The Pirates of the Caribbean at the height of Piracy.

Cane Man 


Cart Man

Snaphsot Jamaica

Down Town Moving

Jamaica photos

Fisher Man

Kingston Jamaica Photojournalism

Jesus Saves Jamaica 

Jesus save Jamaica

King Street Hotel 

King Street Hotel Jamaica

Kingston Tub

Kingston Tug

Lighter Kingston 

Kingston Photojournalism

Lovers! Seascape 


Mom and kids

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publish your photojournalism

Wray & Nephew

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