The thing with supernatural or other worldly stuff is you have to take a serious leap of faith. Mystics have been peddling their wares since the dark ages with alleged special gifts that allow them to communicate with the dead in some way or predict the future. Priests back in the day were even not adverse to agreeing to putting in a good word for your salvation with god for a price, typically a fiver which they duly pocketed. We also all know someone who positively believes in ghosts and spirits roaming around because of the one occasion that they saw something on the marshes or stayed at a place that they swear was haunted.

But most of us rationalists and certainly atheists are more likely to agree that it is what it is, total bollocks.

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Which leads us nicely to Personal Shopper starring Kristen Stewart.  Stewart plays Maureen Cartwright, who aside from having the good fortune of looking like she does also seems to have the dream job for many as a personal shopper.  Her job seems to revolve around going to exclusive designers and picking out clothes for her boss, occasionally getting lush expensive clothes for free, being paid pretty decent for the privilege and get to hang out in Paris. But Maureen’s world also has a fair degree of the mysterious and spooky about it.

We learn that she may have powers as a medium as might have had her brother who recently died. And so she wanders round a gloriously stylish looking Paris, whizzing around on her cute scooter, looking for all the world like…

the dreamiest looking thing since Jean Seberg in Breathless to traverse our screens in a Paris backdrop.

Is that not a highly objectifying valuation? Well, on one level this movie seems to operate as one long gloriously shot and sumptuous lifestyle advertorial with so much wish fulfillment that you almost want to rush out and empty your hard-earned savings on a trip to Paris to stay in a nice boutique hotel and then splash out on the Avenue Montaigne. There is no culture shock ‘Paris syndrome’ here but full of a brimming chic and tres style you would expect.

Personal Shopper Film Review

To the film’s credit, which is mainly down to the undoubted charm of Stewart – who has a way of holding your attention with her tactile performances – confident yet vulnerable – first seen to good effect in Into the Wild and later the Twilight films, an hour and 40 mins does pass quickly until the end scene when you kinda go was that it? Ah, well never mind, I wonder if I need a new pair of expensive shoes…

Personal Shopper is in UK cinemas 17 March 2017

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Elle Film Review

The blurred line between games and reality is all the rage at the moment. After all, we have children playing at being politicians, virtual reality still desperately trying to break the market, Black Mirror trying to show us how doomed we really are. There are many who would argue that Paul Verhoeven’s Elle is about the main character, Michèle, and how she deals with a traumatic event. And yet it isn’t just about her. It is about blurred lines – and all the possible connotations of the phrase.

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How To Change The World documentary tells the amazing, epic story of how a small group of random environmentally conscious individuals started a movement in the 1970s that would one day develop into a globally recognised major environmental organisation called Greenpeace International.


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