After gaining a ton of awards for his debut film You Can Count on Me Kenneth Lonergan’s latest movie Manchester by the Sea looks set to follow up on that success.

Ever had an experience in a place that left you so traumatized that you had to move away and know that you could not return as it was too painful? To make it worse you feel like you played a major part in the terrible experience, something that you could never turn the clock back on as much as you would dearly like to. An awareness that the tectonic plates had shifted and life and you would never probably be the same.

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Will Casey Affleck win an Oscar for his role?

Well, in Manchester by the Sea that’s exactly what Lee Chandler played by Casey Affleck has to deal with. The film, and Affleck’s performance in particular, is a mesmerising study of a past trauma affecting you’re here and now.

I have to admit that I watched the movie with a kind of blasé seen-this-type-of-movie a million times before attitude. A kid’s parents die and someone is forced to look after them, cue tension, struggle and a neat resolution, the end.

But as I left the movie theatre and made my way home on the tube I only had one thing on my mind… how would I cope if I had to deal with what happened to Casey Affleck’s character. It was the type of art that you don’t realise you are really being moved or affected by but ends up flickering in and out of your mind at random times and with little warning for sometimes days after, that’s pretty powerful stuff.

Many who watch the movie would have experienced that holy grail in movie making when there is a collective ‘makes you think’ moment and have real empathy for Lee and his situation. How would I cope was a question that many watching the film would no doubt ask themselves.

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