Google Campus London


Google Campus London is an excellent coworking space for anyone with tech start-up aspirations or just looking for free fast internet access and workspace in London.

It was while I was in Berlin that I first got a taste of the tech start-up scene that has been emerging there now for a few years. I have been banging on about the city ever since I returned to London. For creatives or start-up ventures that are looking to maybe bootstrap or buy some time I can’t recommend the city enough. I have tried to compare London and Berlin for inspiring creativity in an article for DeskMag.

berin v london start upsberin v london start ups

After circumstances conspired to bring me back to London I took to spending over a month at Google Campus London. The Campus would facilitate the launching of So how would I compare the two cities now and would I be made to eat my slightly previously critical words about London?

I’d originally occasionally used Google Campus London as a free space with decent internet to mainly apply for jobs and maintain a social media page. My usual free preferred working space in London was the British Library but their Internet had been woeful on a few visits.

So I found myself spending more time at Google Campus and I must say I have grown quite attached to the place. Google Campus London is Google’s attempt to splash a bit of cash into kick starting and nurturing tech start-ups in UK.  Situated on Bonhill Street, near Liverpool Street the Campus complex is a big coworking space with floors for normal members (quick registration online, get a card to enable scanning in and out when in building), floors for residents who pay for regular desks and the rest of the building is utilised for numerous seminars, workshops and talks on any given day focusing on start-up related knowledge.

google campus london

Being a massive Jam fan it was nice to see a young modish looking Paul Weller adorning the wall as you head downstairs to the large coworking space. When down in the communal open plan workspace you have a number of seating options dotted all around. Logon the Campus Guest Wi-Fi (no passwords) and you are off. There is also a decent café situated there with friendly staff and good selection of food, everything prepared fresh daily and on premises, and refreshments. An outside seating area is a nice touch when the weather is nice.

google campus london

One of the best things about working at Google Campus London is that you are around entrepreneurs and start-up people every day. You get a chance to talk about each other’s projects. I must have spoken to and learnt about at least 30 starts ups and their varying trials and tribulations. The notice board has a lot of offers and requests (including London Start-up jobs). You can also tap into lots of valuable extra-curricular things going on from availability to seed money/funding, support and mentoring to talks and workshops. I sat in on an interesting discussion on start-up funding options in the UK which had speakers from the UK and US,  and even a few people from Silicon Valley. It provided a good opportunity to ask questions and pick people’s brains and network after. The funding discussion was free as are a lot of the things going on at Campus but many require a fee which is usually around £10.

Google Campus London was where I attended a free WordPress workshop run by Rafi Akbar founder of Luckywebs. On the back of which I signed up for his WordPress course.

Rafi Akbar Lucky Webs

Summing up I think Google Campus is an excellent space for anyone with tech/start-up aspirations or just looking for access to decent free fast internet and working spaces in London.