Famous Mountains in the World

Famous Mountains in the World

There is something about staring at spectacular mountains that makes you realise you are in the presence of the sublime. We take a look at five awe inspiring famous mountains in the world.

Mount Huangshan, China

Mount Huangshan

Image Wikipedia Commons

In the humid subtropical monsoon climate of China’s Anhui Province lies Mount Huangshan. The mountain is characterised by its amazing yet odd looking granite rocks, which have been described as grotesque, towering high up in the mist and clouds.

Huangshan, meaning yellow mountain, huang being yellow and shan being mountain, first began to capture the popular imagination in the Tang Dynasty around the 8th century.  Later in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) many temples were built on the mountains. By the Ming Dynasty Huangshan’s dramatic and epic appeal was being captured by the Shanshui (“Mountain and Water”) school of landscape painting.

Painting by Qing Dynasty artist Wang Hui, 1679

A painting by Ming Dynasty artist Shen Zhou, 1467

Images (top) painting by Qing Dynasty artist Wang Hui, 1679, (bottom) A painting by Ming Dynasty artist Shen Zhou, 1467 Wikipedia Commons

Visitors today can appreciate the area of mountains, pines, lakes, waterfalls, streams and brooks that make up the exquisite Huangshan.

Mont Blanc, France

 mont blanc mountain

Image bortescristian via Flickr

The English Romantic poet Shelley was very moved by the wonder of Mont Blanc. He starts his poem dedicated to the mountain with ‘the everlasting universe of things.’  He would later write in a letter that the poem “was composed under the immediate impression of the deep and powerful feelings excited by the objects which it attempts to describe; and, as an indisciplined overflowing of the soul, rests its claim to approbation on an attempt to imitate the untamable wildness and inaccessible solemnity from which those feelings sprang.”

Mont Blanc’s location in the Alps is very popular amongst skiers and hikers attracted to its stunning snow capped beauty.

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro

Image USACE HQ via Flickr

The highest point in Africa Kilimanjaro is famous for its snow capped peak. The mountain range consists of some unique features from lush rain forests, dry savannahs, volcanic cones and of course that snow covered peak. Even given its immense height Kilimanjaro is considered very accessible for hikers which is highlighted by the large amounts who make the ascent every year. There also can be opportunities to learn about the Maasai and the Chagga, the main tribes in the area.

Ayers Rock, Australia

Ayres Rock

Image edmcc721 via Flickr

Uluru or Ayers Rock as it is more commonly known is a large sandstone formation which is viewed as a sacred place by aborigines. It is said that there is no other known geological feature in the world exactly like it. Its Anangu aboriginal heritage means that there are a number of sacred places at the base of the mountain and in some cases still governed by ancient laws of the people.

There were aboriginal tribes at Uluru 10,000 years ago. Pitjantjatjara aborigines own the land around and about Ayers Rock today. Many visitors have commented about a spiritual feeling on being around the huge single rock. Best seen at sunset when the rock is bathed in a warm red glow.

Monte Fitz Roy, Patagonia

Monte Fitz Roy Image Sergejf via Flickr

Breathtaking scenery and natural beauty surround the trail to view the distinctive jagged rock peaks of Monte Fitz Roy. With gorgeous alpine meadows and serene glacier fields along the way this region offers a salubrious soul enlivening experience for trekkers. Although not the tallest mountain, being half the size of the Himalayas, it is still considered one of the most technically difficult climbs in the world due to its long stretches of sheer granite.

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