Carolin Saage Photographer

Carolin Saage Photographer

CAROLIN SAAGE is a Berlin based photographer. At the now legendary Bar25 club she was allowed to be the only official photographer and spent an epic seven years documenting life at a full-on urban utopia, alternative lifestyle and party venue. Her pictures have now been published in a fabulous book Carolin Saage: 25/7.

Can you remember the first thing that made you think I want to be photographer?

…I was born in East Germany, back in the last days of the cold war… were the door to the rest of the world to me….that’s what I wanted to do, too…bringing far places close to the people……

Carolin Saage Photographer

 Image Bar25 Berlin Carolin Saage

How did you initially get approached about a photography project for Bar 25?

I was just taking part in the whole circus and the idea took a while to hit me, making this my playground for frequent shootings…..for reasons of privacy and the option to just let go, it was not allowed to take pictures in there in first place…..but I convinced them to let me do so, at least…..

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Image Bar25 Berlin. Carolin Saage.

 You initially had reservations about getting involved but then you changed your mind, can you tell us what happened?

It was quite a way of single experiences that made me dare pulling out the camera, because of that fact, all the guests should have the right for privacy….that place was made for this…..and not all people look good, once they really let go and get rid of the masks of their daily lifes… was always an act of balance, how far I could go with it…..still leaving them the respect they deserve….

alternative berlin

Image Confetti Party Bar25 Berlin. Carolin Saage.

You have described Bar 25 as a little ‘oasis in the city’ but did it also have the feeling of the creation of a kind of urban utopia?

It was urban utopia full on….and it was a constant creation in progress….and each single person around was part of that creation…..I never had the same setting twice…


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Image Bar25 Berlin. Carolin Saage.

 You spent around seven years on the project how would you describe the experience?

…it was not like me hitting the roof each time I was there….I always tried to keep getting lost in all this action and catching the right moments separated as much as possible, so I was making sure I’m not loosing the emotional contact with that whole thing, but still get the job done…..

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Image Bar25 Berlin. Carolin Saage.

You must have many special memories of what seemed a very special time and place, are there any that stand out?

…there is no such thing, really….you could give me any keyword you want and I would have a little story to tell…..but looking back at once and being asked to pick one is almost impossible…

bar25 berlin pics

Image Legendary parties at Bar25 Berlin. Carolin Saage.

Do you think the creative and playful spirit of Bar 25 parties is still alive in Berlin today, like say at Bachstelzen parties?

…I was in the mid of my twenties when all that took place…..if I look where it’s at by now, I can clearly say no….the spirit has changed a lot….of course….but what do I know….at least one thing….the longing for stepping out and experiencing yourself with others, which made all this happen, stays always the same and was always the root of subcultural movements….


Image Bar25 Berlin. Carolin Saage.

Aside from that it has been affordable, why do you think Berlin has and continues to be a place to inspire creativity?

creativity has always one foot in improvisation…..and Berlin still is THE city of improvisation…combining this with the simple fact of having no closing hour, which is always attractive to young people trying to find themselves. This city still can offer all options to discover your arts….and it’s not that affordable anymore, by the way….even in comparison with the other big metropolises’ we’re catching up pretty fast, which is a pity of course.

But what makes Berlin really unique is, that it is two cities in one…’s a huge place with lots of different faces and everything in it, you can expect from an fancy urban place, but it’s also like living in a small village at the same time….nowhere else it’s that easy to find brothers and sisters sharing the same ideas and ideals as you do…..

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 Carolin Saage is represented by A&O, Artists and Organisation, Berlin.

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