Brigsby Bear Film Review

brigsby bear review

Could you be abducted as a child and somehow actually look back fondly on the experience and use your past to forge a positive and enjoyable future as a result? That is one of the questions that the makers of Brigsby Bear appear to be posing.

James is a boy obsessed with the world of Brigbsy Bear and his adventures. He has watched countless episodes of the children’s “TV series” long into his adult life. But unbeknown to James the series, which was never really on television, was actually created by the adults who abducted him as a young child and who he has grown up thinking were his parents. When James is found by the police he is taken away from his faux parent captors and reunited with his real family.

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As we see James start to live a new life and interact with a much wider world than he was previously exposed to there are plenty of laughs delivered in an endearing way. Realising that he has been brought up by adults who had kidnapped him James has a notion that this was probably wrong, by the way everyone is reacting, but at the same time holds no malice towards them. We see the world through James’ naïve eyes as someone who has been indulged by his fake parents by allowing him to be obsessed about a kid’s programme well into their adult years.

James’ previous life may have left him a naïve, big adult kid but he soon finds that there is a magical modern world full of technological advances, and opportunities for him to be creative, that are far away from VHS tapes he was used too. Plus there are new friendships to be made including ones that open up his until then dormant sexuality.

Brigsby Bear is a clever feel good movie that has plenty of good natured humour – which considering it has a dark underlying premise exudes a lot of warmth, light and charm.

Brigsby Bear is in UK cinemas 8 December 2017