Bergman Week 2017 – Fårö Island

Ingmar Bergman is considered one of the most influential directors in movie history. Every June on the remote island of Faro a week-long event takes place to celebrate the life and work of the acclaimed Swedish director.

The summer festival will see Bergman and movie fans from around the world join Swedish and international guests, for seminars, talks, film screenings, theatre performances and concerts. The event and setting providing a great cultural gathering for anyone sharing a passion for film.

Bergman Week 2014

Image Ingmar Bergman (left) and actor Victor Sjöström speaks with Bergman’s daughter Lena during production of Bergman’s 1957 movie “Wild Strawberries”

Faro is a fitting and memorable location for Bergman Week. Bergman first came to Fårö back in April 1960, when searching for a suitable shooting location for Through a Glass Darkly, and would later spend much of his life on the island. Living and working on Faro for forty until he died in 2007 it was the location for several of his films.

Faro Island bergman week

Faro Island bergman week

Images Fårö. Mirjam Tally via Flickr

The name Bergman is enshrined in movie history. He has been attributed as being a pioneer in the business – elevating the making of movies to an art form. One of Bergman’s biggest fans was Woody Allen.  ‘…Wild Strawberries. Then The Seventh Seal and The Magician. That whole group of films that came out then told us that Bergman was a magical filmmaker. There had never been anything like it, this combination of intellectual artist and film technician. His technique was sensational.’  (Woody Allen on Bergman, Time Out Interview 2007)

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