Amazing Architecture – 9 Stunning Buildings

Amazing Architecture

Amazing architecture has the power the lift your spirit and move you. Looking up in awe or interacting it also has the ability to transform our built environments and our experiences from the mundane to engaging with something unique or beautiful. We have picked out some of our favourite lush architectural designs from around the world. We hope you like them.

Absolute Towers

Mississauga, Canada

Absolute Towers canada


Image Victor Wong via Flickr 

This pair of curvy condo towers in Ontario have acquired the nickname of  Marilyn Monroe after the famous Hollywood starlet. The design and shape is the creation of Beijing architect Ma Yansong and the firm he founded MAD Architects. The building really put the guys at MAD on the map after they had won an international competition to initially design just one condo tower. But the first tower was so successful another tower was commissioned resulting in the twin beauties.

Gardens by the Bay


Gardens of the Bay Singapore


Image Wikipedia Creative Commons

Kick-started by the Singapore government, as part of a strategy to transform Singapore from a “garden city” to a “city in a garden”,  Garden by the Bay‘s main stated aim was to raise the quality of life by enhancing greenery and flora in the city. The grand project with its distinct towering and elegant “super trees” has been super popular with locals, tourists and event planners clamouring to host their events at the location. Two firms – Grant Associates and Gustafson Porter were chosen from an international competition and awarded the master plan design for the Bay South and Bay East Gardens respectively.

Crystal Cathedral


Crystal_Cathedral_amazing architecture


Image Wikipedia Creative Commons

The church building in Orange County, California, designed by American architect Philip Johnson is one of the largest glass building in the world.  Johnson was one America’s most influential architects and along with the Crystal Towers created a number of notable works including his Glass House which was inspired by the work of his mentor Mies van der Rohe.

Burj Al Arab


burj al arab


The Burj Al Arab is the largest hotel in the world. The shape of the structure is designed to mimic the sail of a ship and on its man made island that houses the structure it does indeed look like a monumental sailing boat out on the sea. It was designed by British architect Tom Wright. There is a helipad which can double as a tennis court situated scarily high up.

helipad at Burj al Arab


Image helicopter lands on helipad at Burj al Arab. Peter Groneman via Flickr

tennis court burj al arab


Image frickin scary tennis court high up on Burj Al Arab. Brett Jordan via Flickr

Gare do Oriente


amazing architecture - gare do oriente


Image Guy MOLL via Flickr

amazing architecture - gare do oriente


Image Bobo Boom via Flickr

Designed by renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava Gare do Oriente is the main transport hub in Lisbon which also houses a shopping centre and police station. Calatrava was also responsible for designing Bilbao’s main airport terminal.

Yokohama International Port Terminal


amazing architecture -- Yokohama International Port Terminal


amazing architecture -- Yokohama International Port Terminal

Images Forgemind ArchiMedia via Flickr

Major ports are not what you would typically think of as aesthetically pleasing environments but the Yokohama International Port Terminal is not your average port. It exudes a sense of space and movement. The port was designed by the former husband and wife team of Iranian born Farshid Moussavi and Spaniard Alejandro  Zaera-Polo who used to be part of the Foreign Office Architects (FOA). The award winning design studio ran for over 16 years until it was demerged.

Krzywy Domek (Little Crooked House)


Little Crooked House Poland


Image Wikipedia Creative Commons

Designed by Szotyńscy & Zaleski the complex forms part of the Rezydent shopping center. The building was inspired by the fairytale illustrations and drawings of Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg. 

Lloyd’s Building





Lloyds of London interior

Eight years in the making tucked away on London’s Lime Street is the Llyod’s building designed by Richard Rogers. In 2011 it acquired grade 1 listed status. For many commentators the building is very much of the Thatcherite era and signifying the end of factories being built for manufacturing and shift to a service sector where the financial services industry plays an important part in the country’s economy.

Opera House


Oslo Opera House


Image Wikipedia Creative Commons

Home to the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet the stunning Oslo Opera house lays on the Bjørvika peninsula – part of the harbour city. It was designed by Snohetta architects and commissioned by the Ministry of Church and Cultural Affairs. The distintive sloping exterior surfaces of the building are covered with Italian marble and white granite. The marble is a particular type of Italian marble that maintains its brilliance and colour even when wet.


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