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Engaging and connecting with the wider world

Just a Platform is a non-profit arts and culture website set up to facilitate and promote diverse and independent writers and inspire creativity and collaboration.

We aspire to be part of a growing social movement of more ethical and community value orientated individual’s and enterprises. At Just A Platform we believe more than ever in the power of building engaging cultural information networks.

We strive to be a platform for all and value contributions from relatively, inexperienced young or older people from around the world sharing their personal insights, creativity, or just passion for culture as much as we do from showcasing or speaking to well-known and established artists and creatives.

The spirit of collaboration and how we connect with others and the wider world world is our underlying ethos as we try to build an international online community and social hub. Our contributors, partners and readers will play a key part in achieving our goals and objectives.

Passionate about culture we think that learning about what’s going on in other parts of the world and gaining fresh and new perspectives is a great way to engage and connect with others.

We welcome contributors based anywhere in the world;  writing, photography, videos, creative writing, novels, short stories, essays, illustrations, anything creative considered.